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Activity 1:


Today we are going to learn the skill of telling the time to within 1-minute increments on an analogue clock. Please begin by watching the video, which will explain this. Then you could play around with the virtual clock (noticing where the little hour hand and longer minute hand are, each time!)


1) Next, you should try writing the correct analogue times onto the clocks on activity 1.

2) Then, you should try to accurately add a short hour hand and a longer minute hand onto the clocks in activity 2 (with a ruler). Remember you don't need to print these, you can redraw the clocks!

3) If you are finding this really easy, then please challenge yourself by trying either the developing, expected or greater depth questions from the fluency file.yes

(Remember the answers included at the end are to allow your adults to assess how well you have done. No peaking please!)

Activity 2:


This week we are going to be focusing on word families and looking at how they are related in form and meaning. 

First, I would like you to read the definition for word families and match the words in the same family.

Then, answer the questions on word families. Start on the Developing questions, then the Expected and if your adult thinks you are a whiz at word families, move on to the Greater Depth questions.


Picture 1

Activity 3:


Watch the film clip that tells the Ancient Greek Myth of Theseus and Minotaur.


Then I would like you to convince me who the real hero of the story is Theseus or Ariadne and why.

(You could present your ideas as a handwritten piece, on a computer package, as a picture, as a video-recorded presentation or in Portfolio on Dojo)



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