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The packs that children were sent home with should support learning for a substantial period.  If this is not the case please get in touch.  I will be posting further resources each week for children to use.  


Useful websites 

This is a website the children are all familiar with.  It supports with learning times tables.


A good website with clear instructions and facts to help children and parents understand topics. Each section has games, a clear explanation and a quiz at the end.

Good for parents as you can go through a mini lesson before each quiz with the children to see what they need to know/do. Also has plenty of other work that the children can complete.  


Week 1


For this week we will be focusing on trying to complete some of the work in the learning packs we sent home.  If possible, to keep routine, try to encourage your child to complete this arithmetic test on Friday.  The are used to this and are proficient in completing them.  If you want to email me the scores and a picture, I can post these online with comments from me.


Week 2


This week I would like you all to carry on with the work already handed out.  In class, we would have been looking at mean averages and recapping ratio.  If you have an interest in learning and practising more in this area, has areas 29 and 35 devoted to this.  If you wanted to start with the Monday and work through the rest of the days, that's fine and it will help you to practise.  Remember - for mean average, you add each value together and divide it by the number of values you had. 


e.g. the mean average of 13, 12, 8, 15, 2 is 10.   13+12+8+15+2 = 50    ...   50 ÷ 5 = 10


Good luck all!