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Getting children to write is going to be your biggest challenge!  I will try to make the challenges as interesting as possible, but to get a decent piece of writing, your child will need to put an extended period of focus into it.  


Week 1


Begin by encouraging your child to keep a daily diary - this might only be 5-10 minutes of writing per day, but if they can stick to it, then they'll have a longer piece by the end of this period and hopefully reading it back in years to come will be enjoyable for them.  Again, if any children would like to see their work on the website, just email it to me and I will add it on!




Keep a diary 


There are some tips on how to write one below.  Good luck and keep writing!


Week 2


I hope that you all managed to do at least a bit of writing last week.  This week I want you to continue with that.  Keep writing a diary.  Try to get at least one entry every day or other day and try to make it detailed!  Focus on starting sentences in a range of interesting ways and giving details that can bring your recounts to life.  Also, keep trying to include parenthesis (extra information) within your sentences.  




Keep keeping a diary


This task will change next week to keep things fresh.  I would love to see some writing so the first that sends some high quality work in can have a prize! (That is, when we get back to school they can have a prize!) Good luck and keep writing!



Week 3 and 4


Hi all, as it is the holidays now, I don't expect anyone to be working too hard so I'll set the same task for this week and next.  Please please please get in touch through the box on the website.  Let us know you are safe, well and what you've been up to!  It can be as short or as long a message as you like, but please let us know how you are.  I need things to write about in my weekly blog!  




Send us a message saying how you are


Don't worry about it being too long, just let us know you are well :) Good luck and keep writing!