Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone

Lesson 1- What I love about me

What is love? What does love mean to you?

Is it okay to love yourself?

Discussion points- arrogance, confidence, narcissistic.

  • Is taking selfies and videos of yourself everyday loving yourself?
  • Is looking in the mirror all day loving yourself?
  • Is being happy in your own skin loving yourself?
  • What does loving yourself look like?
  • If you have poor mental health, can you love yourself?
  • Why is good mental health and wellbeing significant with loving yourself?
  • What does good mental health look like?


 Write down what you love about yourself on the heart.  Think about the people you love- families, friends etc.  Draw pictures, colour, use collage materials.  


Plenary- How can we teach someone to learn to love themselves?  What can we encourage? What can we reinforce with Mental Health and how can we encourage positive mental health?