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Day forty four: 12th June

Another week done and we finally have a date for coming back! I have spoken to a lot of parents this week and will be meeting some next week: don't forget to come along to your appointment. I have to explain some things about how school will be working and what will be expected of you. Then you and your parent will have to sign a letter to say that you agree to the new "rules". We will, hopefully, start up again on 22nd June - let's hope the sun shines to welcome us back cool

Day thirty five: 1st June

Well, here we are at the start of your last half term at Claremont; who would have thought it would be like this? I honestly thought we would be back at school by now, but we have to do as we are told and be patient. Hopefully, we might get more news this week. Please keep working, but also GET IN TOUCH! 

I have uploaded some YouTube videos - let's make sure we get more "views" than Mr Smailes!!


Day thirty: 18th May

I wonder if we will have a decision soon about going back to school? We still don't know what is going to happen, but at the moment, it looks like we MIGHT be going back at some point: with lots of social distancing and only part of the class in at any given time. Weird, isn't it? I've been in school in the last week working with up to 25 children: this week's topic was Superheroes. Anyway, I am going to spend this next week planning for both online working and some sort of return to school, then I'm prepared no matter what happens! I'm going to message all parents to try and find out how things are going at home: please nudge them to reply to me if you can.

Keep working - it will be worth it!


Day twenty five: 11th May

What a weird week this will be: it should have been SATs week. I haven't "missed" a SATs week since 2002 and I've only missed 2 in 30ish years! Anyway, we will survive without them - and we can always do 2019's tests if you come back before the end of term! I've uploaded this week's work (above) - hope you enjoy it as much as you can: don't forget to send me some work! 

#Stay safe

Day twenty (I think): Star Wars day....Google it

Oh I have been lazy - I haven't blogged since last week! Well I was busy in school: we even had a birthday party on Friday (with balloons, cake and pass the parcel!) I spoke to Year 7 staff from Bluecoat Beechdale, Park Vale and Djanogly last week: they were very keen to hear all about you. I've heard from a few of you - even an auntie - but keep talking to me. It seems like some people don't know about the work on this page - pass the word on if you can. Anyway, I'm going to plan some more work for you.....who knows, we might be back soon.....!

Day fifteen and sixteen: 28th April

Oh, it is so cold! Where has the sun gone? I've been busy in school today: playing with electrical circuits and magic wands wink Luis has sent me some more work (check out WFH) and Rylan has been trying out some online work for me. Lots of secondary schools have been in touch and I am speaking to them over the phone over the next few days: they are getting ready for you!! I hope you are keeping safe and healthy - contact me and let me know how you are.....?

Day fourteen and three quarters: 26th April

Sunday and a very sunny day laugh We've now had 5 weeks of lockdown and I wonder how you are getting on? I've uploaded this week's work - I'd love to hear what you think. Last week, Luis and Natan sent me some work: it's in the WFH folder above. If you send me work in, I promise I will put it in the folder!! Take care and Stay safe.

Day fourteen: 23rd April

Happy St George's Day - also William Shakespeare's birthday. I've just finished planning your work for the next two weeks: it's taken a long time! There is a mix of "read the instructions and do it", "look at a YouTube link and then do it" and "stolen from other people ideas"! It would be great if you could let me know what you think? I have heard from a few of you, but the rest of you seem to be ghosting me: WHY???

Anyway, I'm now going to make some scones with the last of my flour - does anyone know where I can get some more?

Day thirteen: 22nd April

I've just been on a 3K jog (!) and am feeling very pleased with myself: Luis has sent in a photo of his work on Kensuke's Kingdom - THANKYOU yes (take a look in the folder next to this week's work). I was beginning to think I was sending all this information out into Outer Space and only the aliens were listening! So, now we have Aaliyah, who is in charge for a day when we get back as she was first to reply about the quiz I sent out, and Luis, who can play outside for an hour with friends of his choice, as he has sent in some work. Who is next? Impress me...GET IN TOUCH!!!!!

Day twelve: 21st April

I've been into Childline today and a lot of children and young people are getting in touch because they are struggling to cope with the work that has been set for them to do at home. They are finding it difficult to organise themselves and motivate themselves. How are you coping? What is the hardest thing for you?

Mr Campbell says that he is sending out your Reports this week. As you will not be doing SATs, I have predicted what I think you would have got: I have told your secondary schools these levels. When you get your Reports, get your mum or dad to message me if they have any questions.

We're also trying to communicate with your parents through Class Dojo - encourage them to "sign up" when they get their access code!

#KeepSmiling laugh

Day eleven: 20th April

Well here we go again! Welcome to your last term at primary school - and probably the weirdest term you will ever experience: hopefully yes

I know it seems really weird to have to work when you are not at school, not in your uniform (yes, it does make a difference) and the sun is shining. However, in parts of Australia, this is normal - children do not go to school, but do their learning through the internet. 

I've set work for you each day this week (see the link above) - it isn't a lot: much less than you would do in school. Even though you won't be doing SATs, you will still need to be able to do the 3Rs (Reading, Riting and Rithmetic) at secondary school, so it's important to keep going.

I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU - use the contact form below - what is working for you, have you done all the work for the day, what do you want next, do you want to hear the rest of Private Peaceful (I need at least 10 votes before I will put it on this site!!). Most importantly, how are you? What is winding you up the most?

Now I know what my daughter is up to.....

TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!

Day ten: 3rd April

Gosh - two weeks gone already. I've just filled in your Assessments for secondary school!! You will get a copy of these when you get your "Reports" in a few weeks. 

It is now officially the Easter Holidays - so STOP WORKING, get your daily exercise and stay safe! I will be in school next week, but will be sleeping the week after! I will be able to pick up any messages you send, so keep communicating!!

Take care - we will get through this!! yes

Too many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh

Day nine: 2nd April

Another day of at school teaching Key Stage 1 children - very weird!! It was Pizza-Thursday today: and it was very nice cheeky

I've just been on a 3K jog and I'm feeling very pleased with myself. Are you getting some exercise every day? How is the Work Pack going? Are you sad that they have cancelled SATs? crying

Day eight: April Fools' Day!

Well some teachers thought it was an April Fools' joke (it wasn't) but Miss Hickens broke her ankle at school today! She was stepping down from the climbing frame and SNAP frown

I've had a few electronic contacts today - which is great! - so here are my replies: don't worry if you do not have every Maths sheet - I didn't photocopy each page as some were too easy or topics we haven't covered so far. Just keep working through them as they come in the folder. I'll start setting some SATs questions, to those who have given me an email address, after the 3 weeks' work has been completed (week beginning 27th April, which allows for 2 weeks off for Easter)

Also, someone beginning with 'A' has had a look at the game I posted yesterday. She liked it, but thought it was a bit easy!! laugh

So here's today's challenge....some pages for other classes have got pictures of work that children have done at home! Yes, I know - how dare they "beat" us at something? So, can you send me a photo of you reading in an interesting place? If possible, don't include your face, but if you do, YOUR PARENT IS GIVING ME PERMISSION TO POST IT ON THIS PAGE: do check!!!!!!

Remember to stay safe when posing for photos and I will only post pictures if attached to an email sent by your parent to

As I've been saying all is the most important thing (in real life and online) yes

Day seven: 31st March


Everything and Really Books below in case you left them in your trays!

Here's a challenge for you....Can you have a go at this game and let me know what you think using the Contact Form below? The link to the game is:

I'm busy writing mid-year reports for you as we didn't have Parents' Evening. I don't know yet what is going to happen regarding secondary school and not doing SATs, but I think they might want your predicted grades for SATs. So when I fill in your reports, I am going to put the level you are at the moment (in grey) and the level I would expect you to get if we did SATs in May (in red). As soon as I hear anything from your secondary schools, I will let you know.

#StaySafe online

Day six: 30th March's cold today! I've been busy working out this Youtube-lark, but I think I'm now the latest star!! Take a look at the school channel [search Claremont Nottingham and click on the school badge] [ ] and try out the "Science with Smailes - Habitats" lesson. Let me know what you think using the Contact Form below: be kind!

I've spoken to a few parents today and got some more email addresses...only 5 more to go!

You should now be on Day 6 of your pack of work - don't forget you are allowed next week and the week after off: it's officially a holiday laugh

Keep washing those hands!

Day five: 27th March

Here's a challenge for you....take a look at this link []

and then "Contact me" to let me know you've read it. First one to reply wins a prize!!!!! yes

I've been teaching Science today - dissecting daffodils. You could do it as well:

  • find a daffodil
  • peel off the petals
  • gently remove the trumpet
  • snap off the 6 "sticks" - stamen [that's the male part]
  • at the base of the big "stick" (carpel) you will find a bump: split it open and find the eggs! That's the female parts
  • sketch the different parts and label them

Day four: 26th March

OK - so I'm feeling lonely now: WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO ME?? All you need to do is to fill in the Contact Me box. I would love to hear how you are getting on - honest!!

I'm almost ready to start putting some material on "The You Tube-thingy".....yes, I can keep up with you youngsters! Would you like the rest of Private Peaceful? Do you want to know what happens to Michael and Kensuke? Let me know!

#PassItOn - we want 6SS to get the most likes!!

Day three: 25th March

We began to get some sort of routine going today - maths lessons, English lessons, playtime, story time. I was teaching art. We played mixed-age Hide and Seek in the small yard: it was hilarious - especially when Miss Hickens didn't win!!

Remember...pass the word on: send me a "Contact" so I know you're out there!!


Day two: 24th March

Another sunny day  We had a few more children in school today. The two yards were used well: football and a remote control car slalom. Again, a Reception child was the star! We have begun a collage rainbow that we aim to display in the windows to cheer up the local community.

Keep up the school work....can you use the Contact Form so that I know that I'm not just "talking" to myself? Also, "pass it on" [electronically] to get as many of 6SS to send me a message on the Contact Form.


Day one: 23rd March

The sun shone today and 9 children were in school. This afternoon, I was "on duty". We sat and painted in the small yard - even making handprints on the rocks. A Reception child painted the most beautiful rainbow for his Daddy and three other children learnt how to make orange, green and purple paint from the primary colours. A bit different to practising SATs questions, hey? smiley

Remember how important it is to wash your hands - don't forget to sing those awful songs!

Keep up with the school work - you've got 3 weeks worth, so don't panic about running out yet: haha!!

Keep in touch

It would be lovely to hear from you. Don't forget to put your email address.

Art work from Mrs Guy 31st March