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How to plan a story

The Story Teller told us that all great stories were built up around a framework which makes them interesting and easy to read. There are six sections to the framework.


1 The Hero

Every story must have a main character about whom the plot revolves. This is the main character in the story and so must be the most interesting.


2 Home

This is where the story starts and finishes. It tells us something about the Hero.


3 Adventure

Every Hero must go out on an adventure. It's where good and bad things can happen. It's where the Hero can meet good and bad people. It's where the Hero can triumph over evil, or not!


4 Problem

A story without a problem is not a proper story. This is the point where the story teller can show their imagination and think up some difficult problems for the Hero to deal with.


5 Solving the problem

Everyone wants to see the Hero solve the problem, but how will they do it?


6 Celebration

The Hero, and the story, returns home to celebrate a great victory.



The Story Teller showed the children how to plan the different parts of the story using pictures. Here are some examples of the plans the children created. As you can see, they are very colourful.