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Home Learning Activities

Hello home learners!

A little hello from us to you 😊

Home Learning in F2

So sorry to hear that you are isolating. We hope you are well or feel better soon!

Learning from home may feel daunting, but let’s take a second to remember that your child is learning all the time; watching you mix and measure ingredients whilst cooking, getting quicker at putting on their coats, counting the steps as they climb upstairs, noticing the weather outside or making up a story with their favourite toy are all valuable learning experiences. Because of this, our home learning activities are not lots of worksheets or lengthy writing tasks but rather 20minute activities to boost the natural learning your child is already doing through playing and exploring.

Daily Routine

If your child is ill there is no expectation for them to be doing home learning. Be Kind to yourself. Any routine needs to fit your own unique situation. If you can manage it you may wish to follow the following timetable with play breaks in between each activity:





Writing activity.



Get physical/creative

Up to an hour





Maths lesson



Pick ‘n’ mix activity

(spread over 2-3 days)

Up to an hour


Share a book together



Directions for all these activities are found by clicking on the icons below or you can download the whole pack as a word or pdf document here:




Spring 1 Home Learning Pack