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To Class 5MW

Dear Everyone,


I hope you are well, looking after yourselves and supporting your families as best you can! We are missing working with you every day and we are looking forward to returning to normal school as soon as it is safe and possible!


In the meantime, please ensure that you are washing your hands very carefully and taking the time to complete your home learning packs – one activity of Maths, Reading and SPaG each day.


Our next theme is: The Final Week!


Best wishes to you all. Please keep safe and well!


Mr Williams smiley

Hi everyone, Mrs Evans here. I hope you are all keeping well and safe with your families and carers.  It is strange not being in school with you all but there are lots of fun things to do on these pages so have a look if you can. I am going to have a go at the art next, because I really like Dali's work (even though it is a bit odd) and I like a cup of tea too!! There is also a meteor shower in the sky tonight (Tuesday 21st) about 9pm so I am going to keep a lookout for that.Stay safe, Mrs E.


Hi, Mrs E again. Did you see the meteor shower? I didn't know then that this week we would be learning about SPACE! There are some great things to do and learn and I am looking forward to seeing/hearing some of them.  I might have a go at a rap! I remember the planet order by My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets (though I do know Pluto is on shaky ground!). Take care, keep safe.


Hello, Mrs Evans again. I see you have some of my favourite activities to do this week....comprehensions, I love them! I am also hoping to see some of your planet designs and other work on here so keep it up and keep safe. Mrs E



Hello, Mrs Evans here again.  I cannot believe it is mid-May and it is so long since we saw you all. I hope you are all keeping healthy and safe.  I have been busy doing some e-learning, gardening, reading so so so many books and baking with some work at school in there too. Hopefully, it wont be too long before we are all in school again together, as I know all the staff are missing seeing you. Take care, keep safe.
Hi 5MW, Mrs Evans here (11th June). I have been in school since May half term but it is a very strange place without you all.  I keep looking on the web site for your work and hope that you are enjoying the tasks.  I love the Ancient Greece topic and was really looking forward to doing this one with you.  In fact, when I was your age, we did a Trojan Horse play for all our parents and I was one of the cardboard horse operators!!!!  FUNNY smileyKeep safe. 
Hello from school. I am looking forward to seeing your Greek vases so I hope you are busy posting some to Mr Williams and Miss McDermott. Did you see the crazy rain yesterday?  At least with this strange weather  you have lots to keep you busy. Keep safe, Mrs Evans (18 June)

Hello 5MW. I see there are loads of Olympic activities, including designing, this week.  Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful ideas.  Good luck with the maths booklet, I am having a go too!

Take care and enjoy the sunny weather this week (but don't forget suntan lotion and the 2m rule!). Mrs E