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Hello lovely 5AM! smiley


We finally made it! It is officially the final week of the school year and I cannot believe it. I know this year will be one I will never forget and I'm sure you'll always remember the year school closed for half of the year! We're not ready to put our pencil cases away for the summer just yet. As it is the final week of term, we can begin to relax a bit more, however, I have uploaded some lessons below, if you do wish to continue with the home learning for the final week. I hope you enjoy the activities and don't forget to show me what you've been up to through Class Dojo or by email. 


I also just wanted to say a huge well done to you all, you're all superstars, who have handled the massive changes this year brilliantly. I am so impressed with how hard you have worked and it's such a shame we didn't get to spend the entire year together, but I will definitely be seeing you all around school next year!


Have an amazing summer, remember to stay safe and keep smiling! 


Miss McDermott blush

Hi everyone, Mrs Evans here.  I hope you are all safe and well and missing school as much as me!

I am loving the animals theme this week and hope that you enjoy all these activities - I did the bar charts!. I hope that you have been listening to David Walliams too. Keep a lookout in the sky tonight (Tuesday about 9pm) as there is a meteor shower due which should be visible. Take care and keep safe.


Hi Mrs E again. Who knew when I said look out for the meteor shower last week, we would be looking at SPACE this week. I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing some of the raps/songs and fact files you are doing this week. I always remember the order of planets as My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets, though I know Pluto is no longer one of them (see your Wednesday tasks). This is a FUN week, so enjoy.smiley

Hello again, Mrs Evans here.  I am blown away by the fabulous work on the Home Learning page, you really are a talented bunch. There are lots of examples of amazing maths, literacy, art, science, cooking and DT on display - well done.  I particularly like the yummy baking skills!

Hi there (18th May).  I see Miss McDermott has put more pictures of your fabulous work on here and those spring rolls look extra delicious! Miss McDermott made an amazing roast dinner and I have been baking and READING.  Looking at this week's work, my postcard from Space might say something like;-

Dear 5AM, I have arrived safely in space after a long but speedy journey.  It is so quiet and lonely out here that I can almost hear myself think! However, I know it is very strange on earth right now as you are all keeping inside safe and sound with your families and carers. Hopefully, it won't be too long before I arrive back on Earth and see your little faces back at school.  Missing you all, Mrs Evans.

Hi 5AM, Mrs Evans here (11th June). I have been chatting with Miss McDermott about all the work you have been doing, as we have both been in work, since the May half term. I am loving the Ancient Greek theme and cannot wait to see some of your best work. Keep it up, we are missing you very much. 
Hello from school. I am looking forward to seeing your Greek vases so I hope you are busy posting some to Mr Williams and Miss McDermott. Did you see the crazy rain yesterday?  At least with this strange weather  you have lots to keep you busy. Keep safe, Mrs Evans (18 June)

Hello 5AM. I see there are loads of Olympic activities, including designing, this week.  Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful ideas.  Good luck with the maths booklet, I am having a go too!

Take care and enjoy the sunny weather this week (but don't forget suntan lotion and the 2m rule!). Mrs E