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July 12 - 16

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July 8th and 9th


English Lessons

Unit of work based on money (PSHE)



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Spring Term


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This week we are going to build on our learning from last week.  Taking the information on each of the key figures in the sinking of the titanic - I want you to write a "Disaster Report".


In this report you should go through each person one-by-one explaining why they were responsible for sinking the Titanic and why they might not be to blame.  Each person will need two or three sentences (a short paragraph).  At the end, I want you to make a decision on who you think is the most to blame and why.  


(I will try to post an example at some point this week.  For the information, look at the 'Topic' section for week 4)



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Week 4
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As part of our Frozen Kingdoms topic, we are going to take a deeper look at the Titanic.  Below I've attached a pack of general titanic information - reading this will give you a good idea of the key facts.  You are going to take the role of investigators trying to find out who is most to blame for the sinking of the Titanic and the tragic loss of life.  There are 5 key suspects.  Read their information and statements and, for each person, come up with 4 reasons why they are most at fault.  


There are 2 documents - one with the information and one for recording.  Don't worry about printing out the recording one, it is just as easy to write their name and use arrows coming off like a spider diagram.  (When you look at the sheets, you will understand what I mean.)



General information - Information on the five key figures in the sinking of the Titanic - The recording sheet

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Week 3

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Topic Work - What factors affected Scott's expedition to the antarctic?

BONUS! Arithmetic test

Week 2

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(these are in the packs, but are still here in case you either haven't collected your pack yet or if you are working online for some other reason...if you have managed to lose it etc)

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Below is a timeline of events based on the history of exploring the Antarctic (South Pole region).  Carefully read the timeline and simplify it in your books *see the example below*.


Once you have done this, pick one of the events and research it.  Record your research in the back of your writing exercise books.  It needs to be at least 2 paragraphs to include enough detail about the event. 


I will go through this on a daily video!  Do not panic if you don't understand right now.  

Mrs Young's example timeline - yours doesn't have to look like this, but this is here as an example :)

Answers to the reading comprehensions

Week 1



I know the children looked briefly at newspaper reports before Christmas (whilst I was away) so we are going to carry on with that for the next few weeks.  This is a journalistic topic based on Spiderman so should be good fun!  It is delivered via a video per day that will tell you what resources are needed, usually it is a book (we are organising resources such as this to send home) and pencil/pen.  I will put the link up for each day's learning below.  


The learning objective for each lesson will be in bold when you click on the link and this will be the title of each days work.  Please don't forget to write the date and write your work neatly!  I will be looking for good quality even if we are not in school!  :)



Topic - Frozen Kingdom


This term's topic will be based on Frozen Kingdom.  For this topic I will try to deliver some video learning but this is not available to me at present.  Therefore, I am attaching a basic information sheet as a primer on what we will be learning about.  Before next week, I want you to have read this information and summarise the most interesting parts (you could make notes on a piece of paper/in an exercise book) and any parts you have questions about.  

Frozen Kingdom Primer