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Spelling List for next week

YAY! It's Friday!


Today is a review lesson.




Today you are going to use the facts you wrote on Wednesday to make a fact file. A fact file has information organised into sections to make it easier to read. The whole fact file needs a heading. Each section has a sub heading. Take the sentences you wrote on Wednesday, and put them into each section.

You might want your heading for the whole fact file to be

'Mary Anning'.

Your sub headings might be,

'About Mary Anning', and

'Why was Mary famous?' 

You might want to draw a picture of Mary and illustrations of the most important things she found.



Fact file template


Today we are learning about one more, and one less.



Today we would like you to take part in a Dinosaur Fitness Lesson. Follow the instructions and have a great time!



We have reached the end of another week of home learning, well done everybody! We have been very impressed with all your hard work.

Have a lovely weekend.