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Friday 24th April

  Today's Tasks

The following tasks may be done in any order. Follow up activities can be found in the Resources section below. If you complete these, just copy them out into your Home Learning Book or on paper.Sometimes answers are given.Here, please try the tasks first and then check the answers afterwards. REMEMBER we learn from our mistakes - having a go is most important.

If you click on any yellow box,it will take you directly to the video.


Watch BBC Daily on iPlayer - Today's focus is computing programmes andverbs and adverbs


Naming Quadrilaterals

Click here for a lesson about quadrilaterals bu Math Antics . You only need to watch up to 5.50 minutes, but feel free to watch it all if you wish.

 You may want to watch the video a couple of times before you try the follow up activities.

It is a matching activity. Give the shapes a number and then match them to their definitions and names by giving them the corresponding number too.

The answers are on a separate sheet.                                                                                                                     


Reading - Please Mrs Butler and Excuses by Allan Alhberg (Focus Poetry).

Watch the video clips  Please Mrs Butler and Excuses .Then  answer the follow up activities.




Rivers Of the world.

In the resources section, there are two documents about Rivers.                                        One of the documents is a table of information all about the world's  Major Rivers.

Look at the information and complete the related questions

The second document is some really interesting information to read about famous rivers.

If there are some words that you do not understand, how about making your own glossary. 








 Daily Challenge                                                     Extra Information

It's BBC Bitesize Maths Challenge Day.

Click here to test your mathematical skills


The Answers wil be available on Monday - But please send them into me if you would like me to check them for you first.


Further Learning from The BBC 

The two links below have some great daily lessons for you to complete. Take a look and complete as many as you like, if you have time.

Only do today's activities please -some of them will be set throughout the week.

Explore the new Bitesize Daily and Bitesize websites using the two links below.



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