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Ready for the last phonics lesson of the week?  Do you remember all the sounds you have learned this week? Which letters are in the sounds? Can you write them?


'air' sound


Today is the most exciting day of all, because you are going to finish your story! How wonderful to have a whole story written by you! We can't wait to read your work and find out which amazing adjectives you have used.

Video lesson link -


In today's lesson we want you to remember everything you have ever learned in maths, and use it to help you answer the questions. You can use whichever way you like best, and you might want to use objects, tens frames, number tracks etc to help you. Good luck!


Choose which page is best for you, you do not need to do both.



Yay, it's Friday! That means it is time for PE.

Here is a a gymnastics video all about The 3 Little Pigs!

Feel free to do something else too, such as Joe Wicks, a walk or a trip to the park. Get yourselves moving and get out of breath!





Gymnastics At Home! The Three Little Pigs - preschool gymnastics

Join me on an adventure with a classic fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs. Try to copy my actions and let your little gymnast's imagination go wild! Like an...

Well done everybody.smiley

Another great week of home learning!yes

Have a lovely weekend.