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Have a party!


It is the final day of online learning. You could have a party to celebrate!


Firstly, sit together and make a playlist of your favourite songs.


Next, find a space in your house or garden that will be your dance floor and make sure the area is clear because you don't want to trip on anything!


Finally, play your favourite music and have a dance! You could even FaceTime relatives and/or friends and show them your dance moves.


You could also play some fun party games such as:

  • Musical statues.
  • Pass the parcel.
  • Disco Dice - write numbers 1-6 on separate pieces of paper, when you pause the music your child runs to a number, if it matches the number you rolled on the dice they can have a prize. If you don't have a dice you could write 1-6 on small pieces of paper and pick a random number out of a bowl.


Enjoy your party and I will see you all in September!


Have a fantastic summer break - you have earned it!