Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1: Maths Challenges

Today is maths challenge day so click here to have a go at some maths challenges! 

Activity 2: Finishing our Non-chronological Reports

Today, you are going to write the final two sub-headed paragraphs of your non-chronological reports. Remember to use your plan, ensure you're including the key features and use the word map to help with technical vocabulary. 

Once you have written your final two sub-headed paragraphs, you should include a factbox in your non-chronological report. Below there is a video with some interesting facts about earthquakes, this may help you to write your factbox, but you could always do your own independent research. 

Activity 3: Extreme Earth Poster

This week, you have learned lots about our earth and how it can quickly change through different natural disasters. Now is a chance to show off all your learning by making an eye-catching poster to display your knowledge. There is an example poster below, but feel free to create your poster in any way you like.