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Activity 1: Subtracting Decimals

Following on from yesterday's maths, today we are going to learn about subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places. Click here for a video to remind you how to subtract decimals with a different amount of decimal places. Once you have watched the video, click here for an activity which you can complete on some blank paper or an exercise book. 


If you want some more maths, I've included some extra challenges in this week's page, enjoy!

Activity 2: Day and Night

Why do we have day and night? Does the sun really 'rise' and 'set'? Watch the video below for a quick explanation of why it is bright during the day and dark at night. 

Once you have watched the video, it should hopefully make more sense that we have darkness at night and light during the day. Now, look at the image below, on a blank page or in a book, draw the siz images that you can see below. Once you have drawn the images, shade the section of Earth which would be in darkness depending on the location of the sun.