Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1:


Well my superstars you have completed three weeks learning about Time - now it's time to check how well you have understood the unit enlightened


My tips for you whilst you are completing the assessment ...

1.) Get an adult to read each question out loud for you

2.) Have a spare piece of paper for any working out that you will need to do

3.) Take your time and just do your best yes

Activity 2:


Today you are doing the same as yesterday, but researching a different predator.

Here is a list of predators in the rainforest, pick one to research today or you can use the fact file of the Jaguar attached below.


  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Big snakes
  • Jaguar
  • Harpy eagle


If searching the internet, don’t forget to add kids to the end.

Eg Jaguar facts for kids.


Choose 3 areas of your animal to research. For example; diet, habitat and appearance. Don’t forget some extra facts for your ‘did you knows’

Activity 3:


Let's start with a bit of a game … can you match each of the animals to the correct Biome?

This afternoon, I would like you to find out information about specific predators which live in specific Biomes.


The link below should take you to an online library of books. Type into the search bar - What grows up in the

You should then be presented with a range of books that tells you all about the different animals which live in the different Biomes.


1.) Read two of the books

2.) Make notes about the predators which live in each of the biomes

3.) Present your ideas on a Venn Graphic Organiser

4.) What do you spot about the Venn?