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Friday 16th July

Great Orchestra Experiment 2021

Click on the Music hub icon below to access a virtual edition of the great orchestra experiment.

Just select the session that you would like to attend.


Session 1

Miss Root comes to Claremont.

Today, I would like you to write the next paragraph of your story. 

We are on the problem section.

Remember to use your plan, and build up to the problem, creating suspense and excitement. Remember this is a humorous story, so get some laughs in there too.

We will read all of your stories when we get back to school, so remember to punctuate all dialogue, use neat ,joined up writing and be creative!

On Monday, we will write the resolution to the problem, so don't go too far.


Session 2

  Create Ideas  

Open the "Create Ideas" document. 

Page 24: Look at the way they have structured the story "The Impossibly Possible Bookshop"

Page 25: Use this to start collecting ideas for the different parts of the story. This is similar to the way we do it in school.

Page 26: Look at this page if you are stuck for ideas.


Have fun and Explore!smiley

I have set an easy maths lesson today as I would like you all to take part in, 'The Great Orchestra Experiment', at either 10.00 am or 1.30 pm

See class story on Dojo for more information.



Next week is EID-UL-ADHA

Miss Kayani has produced a power point to teach you all about it.

Watch the power point and complete the task.

Have fun! smiley

Post your completed posters on 

Miss Kayani and I can't wait to see them