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Friday 15th January

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Morning Maths

When you have completed the questions, try to upload them onto your Dojo account so I can see how well you have done.


Good luck!



Editing means:

  • Checking for Capital Letters and Full Stops
  • Check the sentences make sense
  • Check they are not too long
  • Ensure they contain adjectives where necessary
  • Ensure they contain adverbs where necessary
  • Make sure you don't make simple spelling mistakes 

Today, you are going to answer the Length and Perimeter booklet in your Home learning pack. It looks like this.

Work steadily through the booklet, and try not to be tempted to look at the answers which are on the back page - they are for checking your work once it is complete.

Once you have completed your task, mark it using the answers on the back page.


We have covered all of the work over the past few weeks, but send me a dojo if you need anything explaining in more detail.


Look at the documents at the bottom of the page under the title of Alice - The Answers. Open up the correct one according to the colour of the questions you completed on Wednesday. Remember, there are 3 sets of Green questions.

Check to see how many answers you got right.

If you got an answer wrong, go back to the text and see if you can get a bit more information.

Don't forget to let me know how you are doing.


Use Class Dojo as this is the best way to communicate.


I know which substances do not fit into one state of matter.

This is the final lesson from Miss Couves. Click on the picture to access the lesson.

In this lesson, you will learn about substances, like sand, that do not fit into one state of matter.You will also learn about non-Newtonian fluids and investigate their properties.

As usual,complete this week's activities set by Miss Couves.

At the end of the lesson, click here to complete a quiz to show what you have learnt.