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We are learning about the sound 'a', as in wash today. 



The end of the story is what you will be working on today. Use your plan to remember how you wanted the story to end, and any special words you wanted to use.

Try to 'finish' the story in a way that doesn't leave the reader with questions. Try to answer them all in your story. Remember to use interesting words, and compound sentences.

We are waiting to read your wonderful work!


Today in maths we would like you to use your knowledge of coins and pretend to do some shopping. For this activity you will need to use the real coins or the paper ones that we have attached. You will have to buy different items from your grown-up or your sibling. 

Below you can find some print outs of different items with price tags, but you can also make your own tags and use your toys or things around your house, which we think would be more fun😊




Don't forget to keep fit!

Today, you have 3 videos to choose from. You can also have a go at all of them!

Have fun!


Throwing for accuracy

ThisIsPE Get the washing basket out, grab some pots from the kitchen and find some soft things to throw, like teddy bears!

Lily pad jump

ThisIsPE activity linked to jumping, supporting your child to develop their balance and coordination.

Gym shapes and travel

Here's some activities that are great to improve your child's posture and ability to move around safely, whether that's at home, school or elsewhere.