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F2 (F2HA & F2CT)

Messages to your friends

One of our 'Writing Wednesday' challenges has been to write a message to your friend or friends at school. Find messages that have been written by your friends here. If you want to write a message, ask your grown up if they can send it to one of your teachers and they will put it in here.

Stars of the Week

Hello Bears, Lions, Parents and Carers!


Here is where you'll find home learning for your child. Please don't feel pressure to do all of the activities. We know you have lots to do! Just pick and choose what you feel is best for your family. 

Children's Work


Click below to see activities and work completed by children at home. What have your friends been up to?

Story Time


Click below to hear stories read by your teachers. 

Each school day we will add a new letter sound for you to practice at home.

Click below to see our sound of the day.

Mondays will be "Maths Mondays" we will put on a new maths activity each week

click below to see

Wednesdays are "Writing Wednesdays" it would be great if you could complete the writing challenge each week.

Click below for this week's challenge


Fun Thursdays


Every Thursday we will add a creative and fun activity you can try at home. We are enjoying trying out lots of these activities at home with our own children too.


Physical and Outdoor Learning:

Fridays are "Physical Fridays" we will suggest physical activities for you to keep you fit and healthy.


We'll also put projects on here that you can complete at home.


We would love to see your work! Take a photograph of your work, email it to us and we can put it on the website for everyone to see!

Mrs Arnold (Bear Class)

Mrs Cooper (Lion Class)

Miss Turner (Lion Class)


Please note!!!

By sending us photos/pictures/videos of work or of your child you give us consent to put these on to the website. We will also be pairing this with a well done message containing your child's first name. If you do not wish for this to be put on the website please make this clear in your email or message to us. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

We miss you. Here is a letter to say hello:

Click here for our Easter Activities