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Easter Holidays

Hi Nursery,


We hope you are looking after yourselves and you are all OK. We want to send you a big THANK YOU for your amazing work that you have been doing during the last two weeks. All the pictures of your happy faces and your fantastic work really made us smile! We love hearing from you, and we cannot wait to get more photos! Well done and keep up the great work!


We would also like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to your new teachers……your mummies, daddies, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles and all the grown-ups who help you with your learning. We know the last two weeks were difficult and stressful, but you are doing an amazing job and we greatly appreciate it.


As you know this is time for our Easter break, that is why we would like to wish you Happy Easter holidays! We hope you will have a lovely time with your family. Remember not to eat too many chocolate eggs😊


We miss you all. Hope we will see you soon. Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Szwej

Mrs Wilkes

Mrs Khan

Mrs Zaffron

Below you can find some ideas that you can use during the Easter Holidays.

Have lots of fun!

There are plenty of arts and craft ideas for children on the internet, but we have chosen Egg Baskets for you. You can make them with easily available resources like paper, glue or sticky tape and markers (crayons, wax crayons, pens)

Go Nursery! Use your imagination. Lots of fun guaranteed!

Making Easter Baskets

Join in with Mrs Szwej and make a beautiful Easter basket.

Challenge your family to an Egg and Spoon Race in your garden.

Can you win the race?

Make it tricky for your grown-ups and tie their legs together (three-legged race😊)

I really enjoyed making these pictures.

Can you make your own amazing one? You might need a little help from your grown-up to draw around you hand. Look at your outline and think what does it remind you of?

Go Nursery! Use your imagination!

Have a look at some of my ideas:

You could have a bubble party or pop some bubbles in your garden?

You can make you own bubble liquid at home or send me an email and I am more than happy to share my recipe with you 😊

We love bubbles

Still image for this video

The weather is getting warmer, birds are singing, insects are buzzing…it’s Spring Time! Yay!

Look at the pictures below. What can you see?

Signs of Spring

Mrs Szwej was trying to find some signs of Spring in her tiny garden. And she did!

Tell your grown-up what's in the picture

Maybe you could go with your grown-ups on a Spring Walk?

I wonder how many things from the list you can tick off. You can find a worksheet below or create your own.

Below you can find even more activities to keep you busy!

Easter Cone Animals

Bunny Hop pencil control

Design Your Own Easter Egg

Spring Themed Writing Frames

Easter Egg Colouring

Easter Egg Cutting skills

If you want to share the pictures with us, please send them to the email addresses below:


Please note!!!

By sending us photos/pictures/videos of work or of your child you give us consent to put these on to the website. We will also be pairing this with a well done message containing your child's first name. If you do not wish for this to be put on the website please make this clear in your email or message to us.