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Easter Activities

The Angel and the Dove

Miss Turner reads 'The Angel and the Dove' - a story for Easter.

Decorating Eggs

Miss Turner and James decided to decorate eggs today. Before we started Miss Turner removed the insides of the egg. First she used a pin to put a hole in the bottom and top of the egg, and then pushed the pin inside and moved it around to break up the yolk and make the holes bigger. She then blew through the top of the egg to push the yolk and white out. When it was empty, she washed it out with warm water and let it dry. 

We made our eggs into a chick but there are lots of other ideas for how you could decorate your egg.


Spring Crowns






  1. First, go for a walk in your local area looking for signs of spring, and collect as many wild flowers as you can find.

    Can you recognise and name the different flowers you find?

  2. Next, cut a piece of A4 paper or card in to two strips and stick them together.
    Can you find half? What does half mean? Can you cut the paper all the way along in a straight line?


  3. Then, add some glue or double sided sticky tape along your crown.

  4. Finally, stick your flowers onto your crown in your own design.

    Can you do a repeating pattern?

Making Easter Nests


This is one of our favourite activities to do in F2 during Easter time. There's lots of fun to be had, measuring, mixing, and getting messy.


Mrs Cooper and her children had a go at making some Easter nests at home. You can use the instructions below to help you make your own Easter nests, or follow the link underneath.


Don't forget to send us pictures of your yummy cakes.


Making Easter Nest Cakes

Making an Easter Card

We decided to make an Easter card for James's Grandparents. You could make one too for family or friends that you cant visit at the moment. We are going to put it in an envelope with a stamp and send it in the post! We folded some paper and cut out the shape of a big Easter egg. We then decorated the egg with things we could find - pens, crayons, paints, sparkly things, Easter egg wrappers, pictures from magazines are all great for collage! When the egg was dry we stuck it to the front of our folded paper. James then had a go at writing his name inside. You could try writing the name of the person you are sending it to and 'Happy Easter'. If you don't want to make a card for Easter it could be a card just to let someone know you are thinking of them.

How to make a bird feeder

Natural Art

Have a Picnic

Spring Nature Walk

Can you go on a nature walk to see the first signs of Spring? Mrs Arnold went on a nature walk in her garden and took photos of what she found. What can you find in your garden or on a local walk? We would love to see what nature you find. Send pictures that you'd like putting up on the website to: 

Mrs Swejz went on a nature walk in her garden and found a Robin's nest with eggs inside!

Mrs Cooper went on a nature walk with her son. They found a frog!

Mrs Akers went to her local woods for a nature walk. Her son found wild flowers.

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