Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone


Here at Claremont we encourage all children to “Learn it, love it, live it” in all areas of their lives and we celebrate the fact that many of our children speak more than one language. We are proud to represent a diverse community and aim to support all learners, regardless of language levels, in achieving their full potential.  


Pupils have full and equal access to the Curriculum, whatever their religion, ethnicity, first language, special educational needs and gender. The aim of this policy is to set out how that access is achieved with regard to pupils for whom English is an Additional Language.  

The school will provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils by setting suitable learning challenges, responding to diverse learning needs, and overcoming potential barriers to learning.  

Children’s spoken and written English will be developed by: 

  • Ensuring all children have access to quality first teaching within lessons and differentiation which supports both a child’s academic and English language level; 

  • Explicit teaching of new vocabulary and Spelling Punctuation and Grammar skills with English lessons; 

  • Displaying and explicitly teaching new vocabulary within other subject areas;  

  • Providing a range of reading materials that highlight the different ways in which English is used;  

  • Ensuring that there are effective opportunities for talking, and that talking is used to support writing;  

  • Encouraging children to transfer their knowledge, skills and understanding of one language to another;  

  • Building on children’s experiences of language at home and in the wider community, so that their developing uses of English and other languages support one another;  

  • Using Language Levels assessments to monitor a child’s progress and set achievable targets.