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Design Tasks

We were going to visit Dovedale house this week. In honour of this, we are going to design our very own residential experience for year 6 children.



I will split this project up into smaller tasks for you to complete over the week.


1. Research Dovedale House

Visit to find out what we could have been doing as part of the visit. This will help you to decide what you may or may not want to include in your own residential.


2. Research a new location for your residential

Decide where you would like your visit to take place. Would it be in the UK? Would you travel further afield to a setting like Camp Greenlake? The choice is yours! When you have decided where you wold like to base your residential, create a fact file to share your knowledge of the setting you choose. 



3. Design your location

What will your residential look like? Where will the children eat, sleep and play? Where will the activities take place? How will we get there? I would like you to draw, paint, collage or build your residential setting. 



4. Think about entertainment

How are you going to keep your visitors entertained? What activities will be provided? Will they all be high-adrenaline activities or will you provide some quieter, calmer activities as well? Think about the balance of excitement and serenity! 

You could research activities you could provide here

When you have planned out what you will be offering, I would like you to create a brochure to share this with any potential visitors who may be considering visiting your centre. 



5. Timetables

Teachers love a good timetable to make sure that things happen in the right time and in the right order. You will need to consider this in your residential planning. When will your visitors wake up? When will they eat? Will there be time to wash and shower in the morning and evening? When will each activity take place? You will need to plan in enough time to enjoy each activity without doing too much or too little in one day.



6. Design a menu

What will your visitors eat and drink when they are staying with you? Can you cater for all dietary needs and preferences? How will you ensure a healthy, balanced menu is on offer? What would be your ultimate residential menu?



7. Packing

What will the children need to bring with them on the visit? Packing the right equipment is important for the success of the visit. You will need to consider the weather, the activities on offer and the number of days the children will be there for. What can the children bring along with them to keep them entertained at night? 




How will people know they can visit you? Most companies today rely on advertising to share their product with potential customers. You need to consider this as well. How will you advertise your activity centre? Will you use a poster, internet ad, radio jingle or TV ad? The choice is yours . When you have made your decision, create your advertisement, either on paper or recorded as a voice or video clip, then send it to me. Remember, you have to make your residential appeal to young people and teachers too - how will you achieve this? 



When you have completed all tasks, send your finished product to me. I can't wait to see what you come up with!