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Class Dojo

Class Dojo


Class Dojo will be used as our preferred method of communication between home and school. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to log in to your child's class page. Here, you will find out what we have been learning, any important class notices and upcoming events. You can use Class Dojo to directly message class teachers about your child's education. When you are on your parent profile click on 'messages' at the bottom of the page.



Class Dojo Information

I know in previous nursery newsletters I have referred to a ‘Dojo Portfolio’ which I now know does not say this on your parent apps! Here is some more information about what a portfolio actually is and how you can use it.

What is a Dojo portfolio?

It is a place on the app where you can upload your photos/videos/pictures of any independent work or exciting activities your child has completed outside of school. Only parents linked to the account and staff members will be able to see these uploads.

It has been great to receive your photos through messages, however, only that one member of staff is able to see them. Using the portfolio keeps all of the photos in one place and allows all staff members to see these.

Where is it and how do you use it?

When you are logged on to the app, click on your child’s name.

Tap on the word ‘nursery’.

Tap on the ‘+’

Choose what you would like to upload.

Once uploaded it will say ‘pending’ until a teacher has approved the post.

When can I use it?

Anytime! There is no limit to how frequently you use it, in fact the more the better!


What can I upload?

Anything that you are proud of your child doing!

  • Riding a scooter.
  • Any drawings they have made.
  • Any songs/ dances they have learnt.
  • Acts of kindness – setting the table, sharing, helping to tidy.
  • Fun experiences – going out for a walk, to the park, baking.

In the 'home learning' section there will be suggested ideas of activities you might want to do at home to support our topic. Uploading photos on Dojo would be a great way of showing us your child’s achievements.

I will upload some examples soon!


If you have any questions about this please let me know.

Mrs Wilkes