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Well done to all the children that have been completing activities at home. If you can, please send us a photo of what you have been up to.

Week Beginning 08/06/20

Lots of super subtraction using a number line!
Well done for recording your subtraction!
Monday Maths - skittles subtraction!
What a great idea!

Week Beginning 01/06/2020

Super time labelling!
A great timetable!
A very detailed timetable!
Can you count your animals in 2's?
Super ideas for your own Dear Zoo!
A fantastic version of Dear Zoo!
A great retelling of the story!
Wow! This is an amazing drawing!

Week Beginning 18.05.20

Larayah's measuring results.
Fantastic Phonics Larayah
Larayah's silly sentence using lots of 'x' words.
Manvita's maths challenge.
Manvita's pet snail 'Cutie'.
Manvita taking care of 'Cutie'.the snail
Super sentences!
Great information about life cycles!
Monday maths measuring!
Well done for recording your measurements!

Week beginning 11.5.20

 This obstacle course looks really fun!


     Hehe! Your funny faces made us smile!

 A lovely message with beautiful writing!

       This looks like a really yummy cafe!

Well done for solving lots of addition problems in your head!

A busy day for Larayah! Well done for completing one of our maths challenges, and for some very careful painting. I know lots of your friends will recognise your characters.


Manvita has completed one of our maths challenges. It looks very yummy too.

Super number sentence!
Investigating ants!
A beautiful Elmer!
Wow! You have made so many words!

Week beginning 4.5.20

Super numeral ordering!
Maths Monday - great sharing!
Well done - you ordered all these numerals!
Super repeating patterns!
Wow look at these dinosaur drawings!
Numeral ordering!
What a good idea!
Different repeating patterns
A great story...
with a lovely ending!
A great 'v' sentence!
What an imaginative story!
Some smashing Maths!
A great idea to make a cafe menu!

Week beginning 27.04.20

Great Doubling!
Halving using his toys!
Doubling with fingerprints!
A very detailed diary!
What a busy day! Lovely writing!
A candy tree!
A super shadow puppet show!
Can you guess who's making the shadows?
Another detailed diary!
Well done for trying the bird feeder activity!



Fantastic addition and subtraction practise Amira!


Manvita has been learning about doubling.

A lovely example of halving Manvita, I wonder if you could try sharing between three?


Still image for this video
Daniel has made his own pinball maze.

Week Beginning 20.04.2020

Dhruv made his own birthday cake!
Clapping for the NHS.
Great building Otis!
Wow, balancing scales.
I love all of the 2D shapes you found!
Wow! Lovely to see you are growing things!
Thank you for showing us your Ramadan Calendar.
What a fun numeral game!
Beautiful artwork!
Wow! Look at all the 2D shapes.
Great phonics work.
Good to see you reading.
Are you a doctor?
What a lovely Elmer you made!
Wow you found so many 2D shapes in your house!
Super list of all of the 2D shapes you found!
Isla managed to find a triangle at her house!
Look at these 2D shapes Isla found.
Lovely 2D shape drawings!
What a beautiful rainbow!
100, 250 and 300 piece puzzles!
Play dough!
Skipping skills
Ball skills
What a lovely place!
Great writing Otis!
Supporting our NHS!
Showing your support!
Beautiful Ameerah!
What lovely, neat letters!

Week beginning 13.04.2020

What a beautiful rainbow!
Did you display it in your window?
I like that you're using your fingers to help you!
What a great Easter card!

Week beginning 06.04.2020

What neat drawing!
Such a super friend!
What a great idea!
Fantastic work!
Busy making something yummy!
Wow they look great!
Good to see you practicing your reading.
Looks like you've been super busy.

Week Beginning 30.03.20

Super! I wonder how you worked out the answers?
What are your animals going to do next?
What a long list of words beginning with 't'.
A future bake off winner!
What a great sentence about Bella the dragon!
How many cups and plates did you need?
What did you find from the experiment?
What a beautiful rainbow!
Careful cutting to make a rainbow Elmer!
Lovely to see you playing a Maths game!
What a yummy looking cake!
Well done on working together to make a cake.
Phonics is fun!
Great writing! Did you use your phonics?

Week Beginning 23.03.20

You have thought of lots of 's' words, well done!
Great to see you practising your reading!
What neat letters!
A rainbow of hope! What a good idea.
Such concentration! Your model is taller than you.
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