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Five little caterpillars have come to stay at my house!


Follow their journey with me to see how they are changing! Along the way we will read some interesting stories and do some fun activities too!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story is about hope. You, like the little caterpillar, will grow up, unfold your wings and fly off into the future." - Eric Carle.

After listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar can you use my story map to retell the story? You could even try making your own story map too!


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Super retelling of the story and great pictures :).

Hailey part 1

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Hailey part 2

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Avanish part 1

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Avanish part 2

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Make your own caterpillar challenge

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I made my caterpillar out of leaves, sticks and pine cones I can't wait to see your caterpillars!

Butterfly release part 2

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Butterfly release!

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All 5 butterflies have been released!

Day 27 - CHALLENGE - how many butterflies can you see?

Day 26 - All the caterpillars have transformed into butterflies! I managed to video a butterfly coming out of the cocoon...

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Day 25 - One butterfly nibbled it's way out of its cocoon!

Day 18 - The cocoons are safely in their new home!

Day 17

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The cocoons have fully hardened and they are ready to move into the butterfly net. Do you notice the way the cocoons wiggle when they are moved? They are doing that to scare off any animals that might want to eat them! Can you wiggle like a cocoon?

Day 14 - All the caterpillars are in the right position to make their cocoon. All those balls you can see in the tub are caterpillar poo!

15th April One of the caterpillars has made a cocoon! Can you see which one it is? How does it look different to the other caterpillars?

Can you tell your adult how the caterpillars have changed and what you think will happen next?

Move around in different ways!

Join in at home with the following actions:
Crouch - egg
Crawl - hungry caterpillar
Stretch up tall and stand on tiptoes - big fat caterpillar
Skip and flap arms - butterfly
How quickly can you do all the actions? Can your adult time you? Can you think of anymore actions you could do?

Caterpillars Day3

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Caterpillars Day 1