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Welcome t6HD!


Meet the team

Mrs Hutchinson will teach English, Maths and Topic on Monday and Friday

Miss Davis will teach Reading, Writing and Maths on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Mrs Young will support our learning throughout the week


Mr Betts will teach Science 

Mrs Guy will teach Art

Mrs Mcdonald will teach Music and RE 

Mr Marks, Miss Sullivan and Mr Ash will teach PE



In year 6...

PE kit - kept at school throughout the half term (unless in need of washing earlier) 

Water bottles - to be brought into school each morning and taken home daily 

Reading and homework diary - should be brought in to school daily along with the reading book

Website - the place to find the most up to date news about 6HD 


Class Representatives

We have a:

Pupil Voice Leader 

Behaviour Leader 

Reading Leader 


All leaders had to give a speech as to why they would be the best person to represent 6HD in the various roles. It was a very tight contest!



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