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Please use the 'Home Learning' page to find all the information and updates you will need during the period of school closure. Please also use the contact form on this page to contact me directly, I really want to hear from you all! I can't wait to see you all soon, and remember, wash those hands!

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Miss McDermott is our class teacher.

Mrs Evans is our teaching assistant.

We will go swimming on Tuesday afternoons up to Easter.

Mrs Guy will teach us art on a Wednesday afternoon. 


We have lots of exciting topics this year!


enlightened Autumn term - The Vile Victorians

enlightened Spring term - Alchemy Island followed by Time Traveller

enlightened Summer 1 Half Term - Is There Anybody Out There?

enlightened Summer 2 Half Term - The Gory Greeks


What a fantastic day the children had on Thursday 5th March 2020.  The night before, many children stayed at school, changed into pyjamas, ate toast, drank hot chocolate and had a great time reading many of the amazing books from our library.  There were also craft activities and many of the staff reading stories to the children too. On World Book Day itself, there were many stories, each class created a set of story spoons and eventually read the story to another class.  Our focus was the The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and The Gruffalo, which the children read to one of the Year 3 classes. The children also worked hard on dream jars from the BFG looking at their own hopes and dreams.  These were later put on the class door as part of our whole school project.

Winter Term

The children started Year 5 in Spectacular Fashion with many of them arriving at school as Victorian Children, orphans or maids. We created timelines of the Victorian Era, our own Victorian inspired names such as  Silas Swithins or Isabella Osborne, and used chalk boards for all our work on Day 1.  The teaching staff dressed up too and ran the classroom as a Victorian Classroom so we had to stand up every time an adult entered, used Sir and Madam and had very strict rules to follow in class.  We also looked at many of the strange words used in those days such as dunce, pauper and slums as we started our new reading book;- Street Child.  We also watched the film Oliver based on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.


In Art we looked at the work of William Morris and designed our own wallpaper samples and used ink block painting to create the finished products.


In Maths, we focussed on the 4 main operations and place value to the hundred thousands.

Spring Term 1

On return from the Christmas Break, the children looked at their new topic of Alchemy Island and looked at portals between lands. Alchemy Island was a fictional land made up of many geographical features and the children undertook experiments of several materials found on the island including;- rainbow sand from the Rainbow Dunes, copper bands from Copper Nook, iron filings from the Iron Lake, glass nuggets from the Glass Peak Mountains and sludge from the Fogwind Swamp. They were looking at hardness, transparency, magnetism and whether the samples conducted electricity. It was a very exciting first day and the children created their own portals.  As the focus was on music the children used Garage Band to create their own music to be used in advertisements for their board games (see later).


In English, the children looked at several poetry styles and created their own rhyming couplets and Kenning style poetry, as well as writing persuasive letters to the Island Council to ban the use of single use plastic with it's effect on the environment.  Additionally, we studied the book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis where the wardrobe became a portal between lands.


In Maths, we studied the 4 operations with a focus on fractions.


As a Fantastic Finish the children worked in teams to create some new board games which they then presented to a panel, in true Dragons Den Style, to find a winning board game.

We are currently learning about Time Travellers and reading Tom's Midnight Garden and in Maths we are looking at decimals.