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30.03 - Robots!

30.03 - The Terrible Tidy Bot

This week's story to support learning at home. 30th of March

This week's activities!

Here is a downloadable copy just in case you need it bigger/smaller/printed :)

Week 2 Robot Activities

Lots of fun ideas to do this week!

Week 2 Maths

Can you help Mrs B find the number bonds to 20?

Optional extra! Want some more maths challenges? Join the maths party! (This is the same scheme we teach from in school)

Week 2 Science Natural Materials

Can you sort man-made objects, natural objects and living things?

Kids Art Project - Robot Painting

Not made by the teachers but still, this is a lovely little robot drawing tutorial for you to join in with.

Design your robot!

What will you need? What will be tricky?

How to make a robot- step by step guide.

You will need bits of recycling.
Glue, tape, scissors ✂️
Craft bits if you have them.
Turn a cereal box inside out and tape.
Make your robot’s eye.
You can attach tubes like this to make legs.
Stick on bottle tops for buttons.
What a super robot!

Make a space picture!

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