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Happy Monday 2AR!!

Well what can I say, we are on our final week of Year 2 and you have been fantastic. This wasn’t the year that I am sure many of use had planned and when I look back to when you arrived into Year 2 in September, I didn’t expect to be ending the year in this way. But despite it all I have got to meet and be inspired 28 fantastic children, even if you weren’t in my class. You have continued to show your strength, determination and resilience throughout the last four months and I truly believe you are ready to become Year 3’s. I am going to miss you being Year 2’s next year, but I look forward to hearing and seeing how you continue to develop into the fantastic individuals that you already are, as you continue your journey through school. Your class Dojo page will close on Friday morning and will reopen at lunchtime with your new class teacher, Mrs Hayes. However, if you do still want to get in touch with Miss Rashid, then please send her an email on the email addresses below:

This weekend I went for a walk around Nottingham University, it was lovely to get out for a longer walk and see all of the ducks and wildlife on the lake. Because it was a little cloudy on Saturday, there were fewer people around too. I have also been busy getting everything ready for our little girl to arrive. She still has 7 weeks to go, however I have a funny feeling that she might make an early appearance, when I am least expecting it, so want to be prepared as possible. So, when the sunshine came out on Sunday I took the opportunity to get lots of baby clothes washed, who knew one little person would need so many clothes.


Barney News:

Barney particularly enjoyed coming on his walk around the university and he got to see lots of squirrels running between the different trees, he even thought he might be able to out run a few, but as you know dogs can’t climb trees, so he didn’t get very far. Barney is also not a huge fan of geese and anyone who has walked around Nottingham University, there are often large groups of geese, so we had to walk around many of these groups. For the rest of the weekend, Barney enjoyed socking up the sunshine and laying under the garden tree for some shade. I have never met a dog who loves to sleep so much.


Thank you once again for keeping in touch and for persevering with your home learning, I know that this can be tough when there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. But hopefully now will be able to enjoy the last of this week’s home learning, before having a well-deserved rest before returning to school in September. If you do want to continue your home learning over the summer, then I will leave all of the previous week’s tasks on your class page on the website, so that you can access them and complete any that you haven’t previously.      


This week’s Oak Academy learning is all ready to go with another exciting week of interactive lessons. If you have missed any and want to go back and do them, you can also do this, but do not feel pressured in completing them all. Please do what you can, when you can, whilst also fitting in with your family plans. Remember to follow the instructions below to access the daily lessons:

  • Click the link at the top of this page to take you to the online learning,
  • Then select schedule,
  • Select Year 2,
  • Then select the correct day, in the right-hand corner,
  • Three daily lessons will appear, Topic (Foundation) Maths and Literacy,
  • Click the lesson you want to take part in and have a go,


We are also going to continue with our daily fun challenges, that you can choose to join in with, I have tried to add a range of ideas, so there is something for everyone: 







Today I would like you to try and make your own graduation hat to wear to celebrate you finishing the end of Year 2 and then send in a photo f or us to share with your class. What a great way to celebrate ending the year. You could even hold up a piece of paper, saying Graduating Year 2, July 2020,

I want to be a …


It’s Tuesday, so let’s try another science experiment. Today’s science experiment is called Home made play dough. Let’s see if you can be creative and try out this week’s science experiment.


To find todays experiment click on the science tab at the bottom of the page, look for today’s date and titled homemade play dough, to find your instructions.














Another Wednesday and another recipe for you to enjoy. This week’s yummy recipe is easy lemon curd and blueberry loaf. If you want to give it a go, then download the recipe, under the literacy tab on our class page. Look out for today’s date and  Lemon curd and blueberry loaf title. If you have a favourite recipe that you want to share with us, let me know and it could appear in next Wednesday’s activity slot.

The Olympics has been moved to next year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. Let’s create our own ring toss game. You will need some cardboard or strong card. You will need to make some different height tubes that you can place on the floor.

Then create 8 rings, if you want to make it harder you could make the middle different sizes, so it is harder to fit over the tubes.

You can then number each of your rings, so they are worth different points and challenge someone at home to play against you in a game. Remember to practise first so you have an advantage.

Today we are going to have a go at creating our own rainbows outside. You will need a source of water, this can be from a cup, watering can or hosepipe.

Find where the sun is shining and slowly pore some of your water onto the ground, as the sun hits the water, you should see a bright rainbow. You could even try using different water sources to see which makes the best rainbow.

I wonder if any of you will be able to capture one in a photograph to treasure forever?


Contact box

Please feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you soon! :) Miss Rashid

Hello and a welcome to 2AR!

-the best class in the school wink

On this page you can keep up with 2AR and the wonderful things we get up to!


Our class teacher is


heart Miss Rashid heart


Our support teacher are

heartMiss Pallender

heartMrs Saleem-Sajid

❤️ Miss Waplington

heartMrs Goulding works with us on a Wednesdayheart


This year we will be learning through the topics of:


London's Burning

Muck, mess and mixtures

A scented Garden


We will also be going on a variety of trips and visits.

Here is to an AWESOME year full of fun, hard work and great memories laugh



PE will take place every Wednesday morning.

Children must bring a full PE kit.


Spellings test will take place every Monday afternoon.

Children are given new spellings which are glued into the reading journal every Monday.


Children take a phonics book home with them every day. Please read with your children as often as you can and record this in their reading journals.


Year 2 children can also take a class book home with them. They are encouraged to change these books by themselves.



Our Class leaders are


Leandro - Behaviour Leader


We also have a Pupil voice Rep and Reading Leader smiley