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20.07 - under construction

The last week of term is a time when we would normally be taking your children to the park for a picnic, going on a school trip, enjoying an end of term party and much more in preparation for saying goodbye to year 1 and hello to the summer holidays.


This week we have put together various activities for you to enjoy with your child in the run up to the summer holidays. Please choose whichever activity fits the weather and your child's interests that day or share ideas of your own!


Post your adventures on ClassDojo for us to celebrate your child's achievements.


On Thursday we will release a goodbye video for you to share with your child as a way of remembering all the wonderful fun we've had this year and to enable us all to say goodbye.


ClassDojo will be closed down at 9am on Friday and reopen around midday as your year 2 class with your new teachers.

When we re-open in September your children will be in Year 2 with their new teachers but we will most definitely be stopping by to say hello to your wonderful children who have made our lives so full of sunshine.

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