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06.04 - Easter!

Please note!!!

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Easter Introduction

A short introduction to the 'eggciting' Easter actives we've planned for this week!

This week's activities.

Here is the word document of the above in case you need it bigger/smaller/printed :)

Here are some ideas for your Easter poster.

Maths: Here are some Easter division questions for your child to solve. We have not covered division in class yet. Please support your child by encouraging them to solve it practically (using pennies) or by drawing the problem out.

06.04 - Maths - How to solve sharing puzzles.

Here's how I would solve simple division questions by drawing pictures to help me.

Science - reversible and irreversible changes.

Have fun learning about toast, eggs and ice!!!!

How to make a rainbow 🌈 Easter cross.

Easter craft ideas 💡

Easter Cake activity- step by step guide.

You will need: 300g chocolate, 150g coco pops, 2 large tablespoons of golden syrup, 25g butter, 12 cake cases.

Easter Bunny Bop

Listen to the Easter Bunny Bop.

Can you play along with the song in time? You could clap, use musical instruments or even pots and pans.

Next, can you create a repeating dance routine for your parents to copy?
For example:
4 side steps,
1 spin,
4 jumps,
1 shimmy.