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Year 6 Science

This term we have been learning all about fossils.We have even tried making some ourselves!





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In year 6 ,we have been learning about our 'Circulatory system'. We have watched some fantastic videos and even cut open a lamb's heart!

Click here to watch a video about the human heart.


Photos of our heart dissection.

We have also been learning about our skeleton, muscles and the importance of exercise.

Click on the pictures below to watch some videos and find out more.

In year 6, we are currently learning about 'The Human Body'

and how it works.

We have learnt about the importance of eating a balanced diet, including the names of the different food groups and their impact on our bodies.


We have also had visitors from Queens University Hospital in deliver 

their I.M.P.S to us.


We have learnt a range of First Aid techniques and have each been awarded with an I.M.P.S Certificate to show what we have achieved.

Click on the picture below to enter the I.M.P.S. Kids Zone.


We Have Had 4 1 8 4 8 Visitors