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Year 5 Science

Investigating Water Resistance

We had a great time investigating the effects of water resistance and upthrust on a ball of plasticine.

Our challenge was to create a shape that would float on water .....and then to see how many marbles it would hold.

Friction Investigation

 Key question - Which surface creates the most friction?


We found out that the smoother the surface, the less friction was created.

The rougher the surface, the more friction was created.

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Picture 5

We are having a fabulous time in Year 5 learning all about different types of forces and how they work.

We started off our topic by practising the famous 'tablecloth trick'

and relating it to Newton's Laws of Motion.


We have also learnt about the force of gravity and the Work of Sir Isaac Newton.


Click on the picture of Isaac Newton to find out more!



Here is another clip you may find interesting

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