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Year 2 Science

In Year 2, we have been learning all about Keeping Healthy.




After learning about a balanced diet, we had fun preparing a healthy meal by carefully following the instructions on a recipe.


We made a variety of healthy meals including:-


Pitta salad with Quorn,

Salad Wraps,

Veggie Snacks and

Fruit Kebabs.


They were delicious!!


We have also been learning about the importance of exercise.


We had to find our pulse, and identify how it changed after a variety of exercises.


The exercises included:-

Press ups,


Star jumps,

Sit ups and



Did you know that exercise can make feel happier? Ask your child why...


What's next?


In Summer 1, we will be learning all about plants.


What will grow faster? Will it be a plant grown from a bulb or seed?


Check by here for our results over the next few weeks...


To finish off our materials unit, Year 2 made animals using clay. Ask your child which forces they used while making them.



Here are some of the animals we created.



A Rabbit






We had so much fun making our animals.


Our next unit will be all about Animals and their Habitats.

In Year 2, we have been learning all about materials and their properties.


Can you name the properties of the materials below?






We have just conducted our first investigation!!

By testing different materials, we identified the best material to make curtains.






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