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Year 1 Science

In Year 1, all the children planted their very own bean seed.


They had to look after them very carefully!


Each week, the children used magnifying glasses to observe any changes to their plants. They recorded their findings in a bean diary.


Eventually, the children took their bean seeds home!





Are they growing yet?




Yay! My plant is growing :)


We also learnt the names for each part of a plant and how each part helps a plant to grow healthy and strong.






In Year 1, we have been learning all about Animals including Humans.


So far, we have learnt all about:-


Our Senses


We explored our senses by, smelling various items including:-



mint and



Also, we had to try and identify foods by tasting them blindfolded!


The foods tasted were:-



cucumber and



Animal Body Parts


Year 1 have been learning all about the structure of animals.



Here are some of the body parts we remember.





In Summer 1, we will be learning all about plants.


Everyone will grow their own bean plant. The children will observe how the plant changes over six weeks before bringing their plant home.

We have been having lots of fun in Year 1, learning all about mammals, amphibians and reptiles.


Look at some of our creative work!


I enjoyed making a frog. Frogs are amphibians.




I made a salamander using a clothes peg! Salamanders are also amphibians.






Look at my turtle. It is a reptile.





In Year 1 we have been learning all about the different types of birds.


Here are some of the birds we have been learning about...






Can you name them?


We have also been learning about types of fish.


Here are some of the fish we have been looking at, can you name them?






Over the next few weeks, we will learning all about mammals, reptiles and amphibians.






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