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Vicious Vikings

The whole of Year 4 have moved back in time to the Viking times.  In 4VG we have been learning all sorts of information about Viking invasions, clothing, weaponry, trading/money, the Viking Gods and also jewellery.  We had an amazing visit to the Lakeside centre, within the University of Nottingham, where they had many different artefacts for us to see, a play area dedicated to "all things Viking" and we also made our own jewellery.   We also had fun travelling there by the Nottingham Tram service, which was a new experience for many of us. 


In class, we have all designed our own Viking shields and then painted them to match our individual design.  Now we are starting to make more jewellery and also rune stones in clay (using the runic alphabet).  


We are also due to have a visit from a Storyteller in the next few days, which should be fun.

To tie up with our Vicious Viking Topic, we have been reading the story How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell and using this to improve our comprehension techniques.  
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