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Steel Band News!

Steel Band News! 1 Year 3 Steel Band
Steel Band News! 2 Year 5 Steel Band
The Steel Bands will be performing at the Summer Fair on Wednesday, 20th July. They will be wearing their new t-shirts and using the new instrumental stands purchased with the help of a £500 award generously donated from EMI. Please come along and support everybody taking part!

3MD singing 'A Little Echo'

Year 6: Comic Thriller


Year 6 have been composing pieces using the genre 'Comic Thriller'. We watched Wallace and Gromit 'The Wrong Trousers' and each group composed a piece based on a picture from the film.



Picture 1

The Photograph is composed by Lee, Adina and Sarah from 6ZB

The Photograph

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1

Steel Bands


Congratulations to the following children who have secured a place in the Year 3 and Year 5 Steel Bands.


Year 3 Steel Band:     Torres Lothian    3MD         Year 5 Steel Band:     Renaya Campbell      5LP

                                   name withheld     3JO                                           Elley Evans Lothian  5LP

                                   Romeo Banda       3JO                                           name withheld         5MN

                                   Ishmail Ahmed    3JO                                           Harris Dean             5LP

                                   Reyna Stewart    3MD                                           Freddie Peverill       5MN

                                   Rahaela Turcanu  3MD                                           Naomi Thomas         5MN

                                   Tegan Bosworth   3MD                                           Kaizer Huthwaite    5LP


Rehearsals have started and we are working towards our first performance!


Claremont Choir


Choir rehearsals have Started!


Over 90 children from Years 3 - 6 auditioned for a place in the school choir. Over 50 were successful and rehearsals have begun.

Well done everyone!


Choir Rehearsal 12.00pm every Thursday

Music/Intervention Room

With Mrs Cadwallader


We Have Had 4 6 0 8 3 Visitors