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In Maths,  during the first part of the term, we looked at fractions of items and how to work out what fraction has been used for example how much of a pizza has been eaten, as a fraction.  We have learned simple fractions, mixed number fractions and improper fractions including how to add/subtract fractions to/from each other.


We have also learned about time, using both analogue and digital clocks.  We have looked at basic time facts e.g seconds, minutes, hours etc and how to convert hours to minutes and minutes to hours. We have also learned how to work out differences in time e.g how long bus journeys actually take from start to finish.


During May, we are looking at angles (right angles, obtuse and acute angles), symmetry (reflections) in shapes and creating and using grid references to locate specific places or items.  To do this we are concentrating on making our references on the x line (the horizontal/bottom line) and then the y line (the vertical line).  To remember this we say "walk along the corridor and up the stairs!"

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