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Fast and Furious

We are looking at the topic of  Fast and Furious through the use of the Pixar movie Cars. We had an amazing day out to Coventry, to visit the Transport Museum.  At the museum, we saw all sorts of vehicles from the original Penny Farthing bicycles, the transition of the original wind up cars to modern day and old and new sports cars.  We also went on a hunt following several clues around the museum to find specific items.


We are also in the process of making our own car kits using a range of new skills as part of our Design and Technology.  Some children are also attending an after school club, run by Mr Smailes, to make a full size Go Kart which is huge fun!


Additionally, a number of children from each class went to the Ferrari showroom in Nottingham and saw the fantastic cars they have there.  Last week, Nick from the garage, brought a super shiny, red Ferrari to school and both classes enjoyed looking at it and listening to the ROAR! of the engine

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